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Hex spell
Number of skills 209
Elite skills 52
Supertype Spell
Subtype None

Hex spells cause negative effects for a period of time. They may damage your foes directly, prevent them from using certain skills, or decrease their abilities. A small, purple downward arrow on a character's Health Bar indicates that a hex spell has been cast upon that character. If a hex spell is cast upon you, you can read its description and learn its effects by hovering your mouse over the spell's icon on the top left corner of your default screen. Hex spells that cause Health degeneration will turn your Health Bar purple.

Rafiki and Suti

Skill type. A hex spell is a spell that bestows a negative effect on a foe for a period of time. See the full list of hex spells.

Hexes can be easily noticed by the dark cloudy ring that orbits the legs of the target affected by the hex along with the symbol of the profession by whom it was cast. It is also visible by a purple arrow pointing downwards on the hexed target's health bar.



List of hex spells[edit]

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