Iboga Petal

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Iboga Petal
Iboga Petal.png
Rarity Common
Type Trophy
Value 3 Gold
Stackable Yes
Campaign Nightfall
Collector(s) Chef Volon
Common salvage 1 Pile of Glittering Dust
1 Plant Fiber
Iboga Petal.jpg

Iboga Petals are a type of trophy item that drops from various Iboga throughout Elona. They are the leafy remains of the sentient Iboga that wander the island of Istan. They have spicy taste and often cause immediate nausea. Despite this, these leaves are a key ingredient in Pahnai Salad, and so are prized by chefs. However, the obvious danger inherent in harvesting Iboga petals makes Pahnai Salad a rare treat at best. They are also often used in sandwiches.


Drop and salvage research is ongoing, and can be found here.


Plains of Jarin[edit]

Run by the edges of the explorable area. Start from Kamadan and finish halfway at The Astralarium. You can go either northwards or southwards.

Cliffs of Dohjok[edit]

(Nightfall character only method) Use the quest Scholarly Affairs to spawn Beautiful Iboga. Upon entering Cliffs of Dohjok do not talk to Zerai and go kill the Beautiful Iboga along the northern edge of the map. They drop Iboga Blossoms which you do not need if you are farming petals so ignore them. They also drop Iboga Petals so as long as you do not complete the quest you can repeat the farm. It is a secondary quest and as such is not necessary to advance the Nightfall storyline.


Chef Volon[edit]

Location: Champion's Dawn
Collecting: 2 Iboga Petals

Item Stats
Pahnai Salad.png Pahnai Salad Double-click for a +20 Health bonus. This item cannot be used in PvP.