Material Girl

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Material Girl
Section Istan Quests
Campaign Nightfall

(Elonian only)

Given by Kahlim
in Kamadan, Jewel of Istan
Type Secondary quest
Location of Kahlim in Kamadan
Material Girl map.jpg
Location of Pelei

The Material Trader in Kamadan is worried about his daughter Pelei since she is late. You go out to check on her, she says she is fine but she is delayed because of some Killer Iboga. Of course you will help her by slaying some of them.

Quest information[edit]



  • Check on Pelei on the Plains of Jarin and see if she's safe.
  • Help Pelei by slaying 10 Killer Iboga. You have slain [0...10] of 10 Killer Iboga.
  • Inform Pelei that the area is now safe from Killer Iboga.
  • See Kahlim for your reward.



From Kamadan, leave for the Plains of Jarin. Grab the plant bounty from the Sunspear Scout outside of Kamadan so you can receive the double experience points for the plants and work on your Sunspear rank. Head west until you reach Pelei, talk to her, then turn south and kill the Killer Iboga (you can use the Ctrl key to locate them). Return to Pelei, and then go back to Kamadan to get your reward.







Initial dialogue[edit]


"I sent my daughter, Pelei, out to gather plant fibers hours ago. I'm worried about her...she should have been back by now. I can't possibly leave my store at this hour of the day to go look for her. Could you possibly go to the Plains of Jarin and see if she's all right? It would mean a lot to me."
Yes Accept: "I'll find her and make sure she's safe."
No Decline: "Hold that thought, I'll be right back."
Ask Ask: "Please check on my daughter, Pelei. She's on the Plains of Jarin collecting plant fibers."

Intermediate dialogue[edit]

Pelei (before killing the iboga)

"I can't believe this. I know he means well, but my father worries about me too much! Now he's sending adventurers to find me? I'm almost 18, but he thinks I'm a helpless little girl. I'm only late because of these Killer Iboga. I've been farming plant fibers out here for years, but for some reason these plants are getting stronger and tougher recently. Could you help me by killing a few?"

Pelei (after killing the iboga)

"Thanks for the help! Will you let my father know that I'm alright? He gets so worked up over nothing sometimes!"

Reward dialogue[edit]


"Thank you for helping my darling Pelei. I know she's growing up, but in my eyes she'll always be my precious little girl. Here's a salvage kit for your trouble. It's a material trader's best friend. Anyone can collect materials from slain monsters. But if you use a salvage kit on weapons and armor you no longer need, you can turn that old junk into useful materials that can be used to craft other items. And any materials you don't need for crafting, you can always sell to me."


  • 16 to 20 Killer Iboga spawn when you enter the area. If you killed too many of them before talking to Pelei, you will have to go back to Kamadan and re-enter the area to kill the last few you need.
  • You can use this quest to farm sunspear points, Iboga Petals, and Sentient Roots. Even after killing the required 10 Killer Ibogas, the plants will continue to spawn in the area until you claim the quest reward.


  • The song "Material Girl" was first released by Madonna on the album Like a Virgin in 1985.