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Creating a suggestion page

The Feedback namespace is a place where you can create a page to tell ArenaNet your ideas on how to make Guild Wars or Guild Wars 2 better.

Getting started[edit]

You must be a registered user of Guild Wars Wiki to create suggestion pages in the Feedback namespace.

First you want to browse through the suggestions that have already been submitted to make sure your idea is new.

Then you want to make sure you read the rules for submitting suggestions. Pages that don't follow the rules will either be deleted, or not show up on any of the lists, so the developers will never see them.

Once you are ready to begin go to the Getting started page.

Agreeing to the Terms of Use[edit]

Once on the Getting started page, you will be asked to agree to the Terms of Use by typing in your registered wiki username and clicking on Agree. This means you have read and understand the Terms of Use and are agreeing that the suggested ideas are yours alone and you are giving all intellectual property rights to ArenaNet to use the ideas as they see fit.

Pressing Agree will create your main User suggestion page that will then list all of the individual suggestion pages you create.

Individual suggestions[edit]

On your User suggestion page there is a creation box to assist you in creating your individual suggestions. Type in the name of your suggestion, which should be descriptive of your suggestion, but not more than 40 characters. Then press the Create button.

You will now have an edit page with a lot of text on it. These are the basic instructions for creating your suggestion page. Read the instructions as you go and fill in the blanks.

  • Choose which game your suggestion pertains to. Your choices are gw for Guild Wars, and gw2 for Guild Wars 2.
  • Choose the main category your suggestion falls under:
For Guild Wars suggestions you can choose up to two subcategories as well.
Allies Items Mechanics Player
Skills World PvE PvP
  • henchmen
  • heroes
  • pets
  • other
  • armor
  • consumables
  • weapons
  • other
  • AI
  • game features
  • graphics
  • inventory
  • professions
  • user interface
  • other
  • chat system
  • emote system
  • guild system
  • trade system
  • other
  • profession
    • attribute
  • NPCs
  • lore
  • places
  • other
  • enemies
  • missions
  • quests
  • skills
  • other
  • GvG
  • HA
  • arenas
  • Codex
  • general PvP
  • hero battle
  • skills
  • other
For Guild Wars 2 suggestions you only need the main category.
Items Mechanics Player
World PvE PvP
  • Once you have chosen your categories and subcategories (where applicable) all that's left is typing your suggestion text. Give this some thought. It would be a good idea to type it up in notepad first, read it through, correct spelling errors and make sure it describes your idea in as much detail as possible. Use the Show preview button to view your suggestion page for any final corrections before you save it.
  • When it looks just the way you wish, use the Save page button and you are finished.

These suggestion pages fall under the general practices of the User page policy and should not be edited by anyone other than the owner.

Suggestion talk pages[edit]

The Suggestion talk pages are for discussion of your idea with other members of the community and ArenaNet developers. Read the comments made by everyone and take their input seriously. It might lead you to making changes to your suggestion that will make it better, and it just might get implemented into the game.

These talk pages are regulated by the general talk page policies and practices of Guild Wars wiki. Personal attacks, flaming, and general trolling will be dealt with accordingly.

Outdated Suggestion[edit]

If changes are made to the game that make your suggestion irrelevant, you can either tag the suggestion for deletion using {{delete|U1|speedy}} or you can place | resolved = yes into the infobox to remove it from the main suggestion lists, while still having it appear on your user feedback page.


  • Make sure to read over the rules before you start.
  • Make sure you understand the Terms of Use before submitting your suggestions.
  • Check out the FAQ for answers to general questions about suggestions.

Easy links[edit]

If you would like a link to your personal feedback page at the top, next to the talk, preferences and watchlist links, add the following code to your monobook.js:

addOnloadHook( function() {
  addPortletLink( 'p-personal', '/wiki/Feedback:User/' + wgUserName, 'My feedback',
      null, 'Your feedback space', null, document.getElementById( 'pt-preferences' ) );
} );

That will result in a my feedback link on the left of your "my preferences" link.

Alternatively, if you are using GWWT, you can just add the following line into the gwwtLoadAfter function, for example:

var gwwtLoadAfter = function() {
    new PortletArea( 'p-personal' ).addItem( null, 'My feedback', '/wiki/Feedback:User/' + wgUserName,
        'Your feedback space', null, document.getElementById( 'pt-preferences' ) );