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Developer Update - July K-value Update - 09 July 2009

This month we opted not to make any skill balance changes. Since the last skill balance was only a couple of weeks ago, we want to keep monitoring the changes we've already made before we adjust any more skills. However, we have increased the K-value of rated matches in GvG and Hero Battles from 5 to 15.

K-value determines how much your rating can change in a single battle. Two years ago, we lowered the K-value of rated matches to encourage participation in Automated Tournaments where the K-value is much higher. The competitive nature of these tournaments makes it difficult for mid-level and casual players to build their ratings and, at such a low K-value, rated matches weren't offering a compelling alternative.

By increasing the K-value of rated matches, we hope to make rated play a friendlier environment in which to increase your rating.