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(Discussion and what you guys really think about that idea)

as we all know in gw1 we have alot of social titles like drunkard party animal some of them are just for fancy nothing more then that. however if arenet take this idea on they wont be anymore useless title for example drunkard title after your character drink alot of alcohol you will be able to make your own alcohol from all the experience u gained of alcohol drinking from specific materials that can found in game or for that matter at harvest field and for example the sweet tooth will be able to make cakes creams and all the sweets stuffs and for another example the party animal after you used alot of party equipment why wont you be able to create party equipment after all the experience u gained at party equipment. of course we will have limitation in all the those bonus if we can create party items wouldn't that given huge advance to someone who can hire you for getting maxed party items and be like you? for that i have answer we can get those bonuses only if you got the title from gw 1 in the hall of monument

Witch's Brew.pngFlask of Firewater.pngAged Dwarven Ale.pngShamrock Ale.pngVial of Absinthe.png
Sugary Blue Drink.pngSlice of Pumpkin Pie.pngCandy Apple.pngMandragor Root Cake.pngBirthday Cupcake.png
Squash Serum.pngSparkler.pngCrate of Fireworks.pngBottle Rocket.pngChampagne Popper.png

Why this is a good idea

1)most of us that spend toons of cash and gold and time on those title and want to get the reward from it back
2)will not effect the game balance in any way i can think of
3)its will give more fun time and social time in return for all the cash and time we spend on those titles-->

Why it may not work out

1)have no clue why its shouldn't work beside if its not too late and arena net have already decided what they want and also another reason probably is extra programing

  1. Rewarding grind, which goes against Arena Net's self claimed "anti grind" philosophy.
  2. Giving GW1 players a tangible advantage over GW2 players.
  3. Limiting an entire aspect of GW2 (crafting many items) to (some) GW1 players.

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