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If daggers were viable we wouldn't have all this crap about imbalanced A/D and A/P builds. Here's the solution-

Remove the lead/off-hand/dual requirement system. Instead, change how they work.

Lead attacks should cost little energy(5 or 10) and have the least spectacular effects. They would also double your chance for your next attack skill to critical.

Off-hand attacks should cost energy comparable to lead attacks(5 or 10, although 15 is possible for a few). They would ignore any armor bonuses and damage reductions from equipment in your foe's off-hand(for example, negates the effects of shields as well as any "reduces physical damage" inscription, +5 armor on caster off-hands, etc). Defense bonuses from two handed equipment(such as scythes and bows) are not affected.

Dual attacks should cost the most energy(10 or 15, never 5 energy except for elites) and they always double strike.

All requirements for skill chains would be removed, although some skills could have a bonus depending on the last type used.

This gives you a lot more flexibility in the build that you can use. You can rely on dual attacks(bring energy management) or bring all off-hands(tired of fighting against a 100 armor level) or even use all lead attacks(haven't figured out energy management yet?) and still be effective.