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Overbearing Smash Overbearing Smash

Overbearing but underpowered -- 22:13, 22 December 2008 (UTC)


I personally like the idea of this skill, conditionally unblockable... but it's not gonna help if your target is constantly blocking and you have to build up 6 adrenaline for this alone and possibly more to cause Weakness with Hammer Attacks. Using Enfeeble or the like as W/X is pretty pointless, since it'd still be only one unblockable hit and require another skill to cause Weakness. And because there are much better skills that exploit or migitate blocking, such as Irresistible Blow, this skill is useless. I haven't EVER seen ANYONE using this skill in PvP yet alone in PvE aside from monsters.

"If OverBearing Smash strikes a foe suffering from Weakness, you deal +5...17...20 damage. If it's blocked, your target is knocked down."


"If this attack hits, you deal +5...17...20 damage. Overbearing Smash cannot be blocked."


"If you hit a knocked-down foe, you deal +5...17...20 damage and that foe suffers from Weakness for 5...17...20 seconds.

...or something, just make it little more useful and/or versatile. Reducing adrenaline cost isn't enough.