Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball 09

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The Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball, 2009.jpg

The Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball, 2009[edit]

Hosted by Daniel Frozenwind, King of the Snowmen

History of the Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball[edit]

The Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball is a long forgotten formal event, engraved into history years before the searing. The Kingdom of Ascalon was once prosperous, led by King Adelbern and the Royal Family. During such times the ball was the yearly celebration to celebrate the wealth and beauty that was Ascalon. But alas, The Searing as it has come to be known shattered the hearts of men. The ball had been forgotten for many years. Lord Sojar, in his travels, stumbled upon an old text depicting a dance festival of epic proportions in the realm of Ascalon since past. Intrigued, he did further research. After painstaking tasks, Lord Sojar begged the wealthiest of the lords of Ascalon and surrounding kingdom of Kryta to donate what they saw fit to bring back this beautiful festival. With the return of the Masquerade Ball, a curious wind blew about the place on that night two years ago, many didn’t realize an envoy had arrived. The second year after the ball, people looked for the wandering Lord Sojar, little did they know he had fallen ill and retired to his estate. This time the winds blew stronger as citizens of Ascalon despaired that the ball would not commence. And just when the Festival seemed lost a silk hat landed in the middle of the ball room floor...

Envoy Daniel Frozenwind is back for the Masquerade Ball's third anniversary, retired but determined to sustain the event for one more year!

Formal invitation created by user Red Apple on Guild Wars Guru Forums for last years ball.


The theme of this years Ascalon Royal Family Masquerade Ball is Endurance

Why endurance? Let me tell you.Guild Wars has endured for four years and vast changes have occured since the first ball began. Even so the community side of the game that brings the community together to have fun seems to grow day by day, as is evident by the sheer amount of support I got when I asked for help to create this event for its third year.Ascalon has endured many long years and has seen much heart ache. It is time to warm the hearts of the Ascalonian people once more for they represent the most endurance of all!

Date, Time, and Location[edit]

  • Date: May 31st, 2009
  • Time: Event begins at 19:00/7PM GMT +1
  • Location: Serenity Temple, International Districts.

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(All times listed in GMT +1 below)
The event Schedule is as follows:

8.00 - Grand Ball opening. [1,2,3]

8.15 - Glacial Give-away / Gamble table [1,2,3]

8.30 - Triva [1,2,3]

8.45 - Conga/ Manager says [1,2,3]

9.00 - Best and worse dressed costume contest [3]

9.15 - Mini Madness[2]/ Gamble table dis [1]

9.30 - End of best and worse dressed costume contest [3]. WTF Scavenger hunt [1,2,3]

9.45 - Trivia [1,2,3]

10.00 - Male and Female costume contest [2]

10.15 - End of WTF scavenger hunt [1,2,3]. Gift giving wave 1/gamble table [1,3]

10.30 - End of male and female costume contest [2].

10.35 - Winners of the fow set and destroyer weps announcement [1,2,3]

10.45 - Conga/manger says [1,2,3]

11.00 - The Couples Ball [1] Trivia [2,3]

11.15 - Mini madness [3]/ Gamble table [2]

11.30 - End of the couples ball [1]. Mass syncs [1.2.3]

11.45 - Happy hour and give away wave 2[1,2,3]

12.00 - Big finale. [1,2,3]

12.10 - After party

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