Brett Vickers

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Arenanet-logo-400-transparentbg.png This person is a current or former staff member or employee at ArenaNet.

Brett Vickers, Programmer, was previously a professor of computer science at Rutgers University, where he taught and researched computer networks. Brett has specialized in researching and developing software technology to improve the performance of time-critical multimedia Internet applications. His past work includes participation in the designs of both the Network Border Patrol (NBP) and the Edge-assisted Quality of Service (EQOS) protocols. Brett is also an avid gamer and game programmer, and he developed the Internet multi-user dungeon game Quest for Mordor in his spare time many years ago. During 19 years of service at the studio, Brett was the Content Programming Team Lead for Guild Wars: Prophecies, Guild Wars: Factions, and Guild Wars: Nightfall. He also architected the infrastructure of Guild Wars 2 network as Lead Programmer & Technical Director.