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This is a share mess.. in all those PvE-skill-guides of GW:EN I REALLY miss the: Mission/quest ..given from (NAME) in (CITY)!!

In the old version of wiki, we had the: Need to do first/Follow up by (quest/mission name)!

Buttomline is, that we dont have the links anymore in GE:EN, from the first given PvE-skill-quest/mission(in Vanguard, Norn, Dwarven and Asura) ..til the last one! This way, it alow me to link back to the first(or the skill i seek after) and see who i should talk to, where i can find him/her get the quest/mission. A litle prayer to ppl who know this site(and game) better than me - can some of u do that?? - Looder --The preceding unsigned comment was added by User: (talk).

Well, this is just a category for wrapping all the related articles. A more comprehensive list can be found at the List of Eye of the North quests. I would think there are a couple of lists specific for each faction, but i am too lazy to search.--Fighterdoken 00:24, 28 January 2008 (UTC)