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Both Crash.dmp and ArenaNet.log files are created when the guildwars game client experiences an unexpected error that causes client shutdown. ArenaNet may request this file along with ArenaNet.log to help with troubleshooting a support ticket. The crash.dmp file contains the cpu registers, stack trace and relevant memory at the time of the crash. It also contains other information which could be personal depending on the content:

  • Basic information about the operating system and it's version
  • Information about the computer's CPU and videocard
  • Information about currently running .dll (dynamic link library) files in the memory
  • .pdb symbol files needed to properly read the mini dump file
  • Location of the game files, and any command line arguments used
  • Local IP address the game client was running at
  • Type, date, and nature of the crash
  • Build# for Gw.exe
  • DirectX version
  • Information of the windows user profile directory structure and name
  • Computer name
  • Home drive letter
  • Couple of lines from the chat log at the time of the crash

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