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I recently bought an iPad, and it is very useful as a companion device. Thinking about GW2 I think it can be very useful. I think about two use cases:

  • while playing, to display information without overloading the game screen
  • while not playing, to review your information or interact with players

Here are a bunch of useful features I thought about:

  • Detailed view of your characters: stuff, builds, characteristics, achievements.
  • View of known crafting recipes. Useful to compare with a friend when you have only one computer (or none).
  • View of your bank account, to be able to see what you have without going to the banker. You still need to go there if you want to pick something up.
  • View of the marketplace: see the state of your sells, buy things, etc.
  • Access to the gemstore: being able to buy things even offline.
  • View of the guild. Guild masters can manage the guild there, even if they are not playing. Useful on holidays? People can see who's online, so that they know they can join the game.
  • Participate to the chat, with access to the guild chat, and maybe an "away" chat. Very useful to stay in touch when you cannot play.
  • View of the map. It is somewhat cumbersome to switch back and forth between the map and the game. It would be nice to be able to glance at the map on a side screen, see what's around, etc. It would be perfect if it is synchronized with the player's position, etc.

The great thing about it is that you can only implement part of the features first and add them with later updates. People may hate me for that, but you can even ask for a fee for each feature, or buy them with gems (not sure it is possible with the appstore).