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Screenshot of Factions log-in
Screenshot of Nightfall log-in

I would like to see the Devs bring back some of the old log-in screens to spice up the current log-in graphics. Although beautiful in it's own right, we've seen the current scene for several years now.

  • This could be done in a rotation. It could also be an option in the settings with more options if possible. For example, you could pick what type of rotation: random; in order. There could also be an option via check boxes to select the log-in screens you would like to see.

I felt this was worth suggesting because, I'm pretty certain all the previous expansion log-in screens had the ability to scroll past 4 characters. So my hope would be that the coding wouldn't be that daunting to add this suggestion in.


The previous expansions also had beautiful scenes that weren't nearly seen as long. (Who could forget that whale?) This will give others who may have missed them a chance to see them, as well as just break up the current monotony. This may also be a great way to wrap up GW's history before the release of GW2.


Each Log-in could also be accompanied by it's original music.


Maybe the Devs could bring back the original Guild Wars log-in some how. For some reason I really dug that somewhat traditional campfire scene. (I'm still secretly sad I never got a screenshot of it)