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As I enter my umpteenth year of a perma-pre character, I frequently find myself thinking about ways in which bar customization in Presearing could be improved. There are lots of skills that enemies in Presearing use that are not available to players until half way through Prophecies, and I think that, given the rather limited nature of Presearing, adding new skill options would increase diversity of builds and interest in Presearing.


Several of the professions have access to a very limited spread of skills, thus restricting play style significantly.

  • Warrior Warriors have 7 skills, but only two of those are non-weapon-specific (Healing Signet and Frenzy). A warrior who doesn't want to switch weapons every 1.333 seconds is left with only a half-filled skill bar.
  • Ranger Rangers have 8 skills, but two of them (Ignite Arrows and Read the Wind) are preparations and thus not unusable in combination and one of them is a skill that will be used once for the entirety of Presearing (Charm Animal).
  • Monk Monks have 8 skills that are well spread out across their attributes and cater to most monk play styles.
  • Necromancer Necromancers have 8 skills that are well spread out to give a good taste of what necromancers play like.
  • Mesmer Mesmers are incredibly limited, having only 6 skills. While most of the skill are good, one of them (Imagined Burden) has almost no use in Presearing and is definitely not worth the 15 energy. Beyond that, these skills give a good impression of what it feels like to play a hex-based mesmer, but do not give opportunities to try out energy burn or interrupt mesmers.
  • Elementalist Elementalists are also very limited, only have 6 skills spread across 3 attribute lines. There is no opportunity to play as a water or earth elementalist.


Skill Captures[edit]

Signet of Charr Boss Capture[edit]

Make Halbrik sell a version of Signet of Capture that works exclusively on the charr bosses in the Northlands. This will make the following skills available to characters of the appropriate profession:

Comment: While this adds some more options to the spellcasting professions, it does little to help the issues with spellcasting professions. This also does nothing to fix the issues with martial professions.

Vanguard Signet of Capture[edit]

Building off the above, this suggestion has Halbrik sell a version of Signet of Capture that works on any charr encountered in the Northlands. This would make the following skills available to characters (in addition to the above listed):

Comment: This option also does little to fix the issues present in skill availability in presearing.