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PvP, especially arenas are extremely boring, there is just no incentive to play. Kurzicks win 99% of the time and luxons leave after the first base is captured. I belieave that in places like AB people should be encauraged to stick together and work in groups of four.

Example: The team leader should have some form of area effect that buffs nearby your party members with some bonus(ex: speed, HP, Energy. etc..) However this buff dissapears if your team leader is in the vecinity of other team leader, or even starts to project a negative bonus (this is to discaurage mobs. this way when people get into the mob they will be punished and if they decide to attack a team of four, that team will at least stand a chance.

Next is spawn, since AB already has unlimited spans why not just spawn that character next to the team? I mean walking for 30 secons is boring!! Unless the whole team is destroyed than they should be spaned in one place together, AT THE SAME TIME. so that they dont split and run their own places.