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I sent this email to NCSoft and now I am posting it here. I just need to express some feelings about UW. The people in charge of updating the game and nerfing things and builds and areas need to understand something. My guild is made up of my family and friends and we have been playing, most of us, for 2 years or more and we are people of pretty high skill when it comes to elite areas. So when it came to be known that there was a new boss in UW we wanted to beat him. Well we have been at this trying to beat it since it came around. More so lately than before. We have tried everything in the book to beat this and can't beat it as a NORMAL TEAM. The people who are updating this are definitely not stopping the speed clears as much as they are stopping the normal people from beating it. If you look at these pages you will see that there is still speed clearing going on. [1] [2] All they are doing is pretty much forcing everyone into doing speed clears. If you really want to stop the speed clears you need to make it so you need to do things one at a time. So in order to go from the Lab to Vale you need to do Unwanted Guests, and then to get from there any farther into the areas you need to do certain quests to open doors so that everyone has to do it as a group. The doors are already there for use it just needs to be coded in to have them open after certain quests trigger them and this would stop the speed clearing groups from doing it as individuals. But in order to keep it so you don't have speed clearing groups who do it in less than an hour you need to make it so actual players can do this area. The only thing the updates have done is stop the actual players and normal people from being able to make a team and just go in to have fun. These spawns that were put in to "stop" Shadow Form have prevented people that actually just want to go in just as a normal team of different classes from being able to. You have put the spawns in so that we are just being bombarded and pummeled with little effort. We have been fixing and re-fixing builds for 2 weeks and have not found anything to beat the spawns in the Ice Wastes quest. If you could limit the amount of areas that are available in the beginning you could just revert some of the spawns to their normal ones. I'm not saying to just remove everything you guys have put in, I'm only asking to fix what is going on. We weren't even trying this in Hard Mode and we cant beat it at all. This is just stupid that a group of good players can't beat this. Just consider what you are doing to your player base. People won't want to buy a game (GW2) if this is how the previous one (GW) is being managed. I apologize if I seem harsh or rude but this is how we as a guild feel about this and we just want to be able to do this. We don't want to speed clear it in order to do it. We just want to be able to throw ina ranger and a couple rits an ele and a monk or 2 and just have fun. We don't want to have to have a specific build in order to do this. I mean I personally have several characters that I would like to finish the quest from last Halloween, The Waiting Game. This is looking like it will never happen because I have several different character types and they don't all fit the speed clear credentials. Please fix this. ~*~ Katie