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Hi, I want the 3rd party View vantage point lowered to a confortable lvl. The view is soo rediculously high in the air that you can barely see your minis at a horrisontal lvl straining your neck. I want to be able to use a Tonic, such as a Golem or Yeti in the game and be able to take a chest lvl screen shot of myself. The view is soo stupid High in the air you can barely see yourself. Why does the view drag on everything? Cant this be fixed? I want to be able to take good screen shots of weapons I have. Instead of relying on someone elses first person view, screen shots of my weapons and sending Via Email. Its rediculous, I cant take screen shots of my feet. I have shoes i love on my Ritualist I cant screen shot cuz the view is soo high in the air.