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Offer an option for different UI colors, or even a different color scheme in-game for us color-blind players! We may not be a majority of the "gaming" population, but we are 10% of your potential customers!

There are indeed different types of colorblindness, and it may not be practical to offer a fix for each type, but there have been other games which offer a "color blind" option which changes colors to make it easier, best I can think of is Starcraft (#1).

In any case, while I would love this in GW1, I hope this makes it into GW2!! better yet, offer a few simple "custom color" configurations if possible, like what color dots do you want other players to have, or the NPC's or grouped members, etc...I cant tell you how many times I've done AB in GW1 and gotten confused on the colors (and thus which players are suppose to be attacked!...confusion which sometimes leads me to an early embarrassing death)

So to summarize: GW2 should have a color scheme that is "friendlier on the eyes" for color blind players. Color Blind people make up at least 10% of the population. That is 10% of your potential consumer base which you would be doing a great big favor to!!

Thank you for taking the time to read this :)