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I'm a very gregarious person, and I filled my friend list to the max many years ago. Since then, I've basically used my guild as a glorified greater one, but not everyone wants to shift guilds for that. This means a lot of shuffling names, and at one point, having stacks of paper with names scrawled on it, so I could cycle in and out names of people to check who's on.

I've sort of given up on it over the years, the work and the stack were both quite obscene.

While I do appreciate that there needs to be some logical limitations on the friend list, I also would think it's something that's expandable. There's other things that can be purchased in-game, and when you purchase a plural account, you do get another 50 friend list slots(only available when using said account, though).

It really would make more sense if there was a way to expand it for those of us who need it. I imagine it'd cause extra load on the server and such, so it should probably require monetary compensation(ie. be for sale in the in-game store), but I don't quite see why it'd cause much issue otherwise. I'd be more than happy to pay a nominal fee to get more than the teeensy tiny little 50 slots you're allocated by default. I know that might sound silly to some, but I'd need closer to 200+ to keep track of all the people that have indicated they'd like me to over the years.

I find this of particular importance as I've found some people will stop or keep playing, the decision based solely upon whether or not someone remembers to talk to them. It is a social game, there's no way around that, so it makes sense. This also means I feel somewhat guilty about people that didn't stay on my list(mainly paper people). It would help some of us a lot, and the game in general.

I can't see the drawback of it, so, I really question, if the space could be paid for, why not?