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There are currently no bonuses for the Gamer title track, and it's relatively difficult to achieve.

The most obvious one it should have is the standardized Balthazar faction cap bonus. Skilled players earn a ton of Balthazar faction through the games, and it's painful to hit your cap, particularly because it's a normal function of winning streaks.

Every other pvp type boosts the relevant faction cap when you succeed at it in some way. Alliance Battles, Fort Aspenwood, and Jade Quarry boost the luxon/kurzick faction cap, Gladiator, Commander, Hero, Codex, and Champion all raise the Balthazar faction cap. However, the Gamer title does nothing.

While I appreciate that this probably cuts down on leeching somewhat(there's less incentive), it seems unfair to the gamers that nothing else happens from it.

I'm not entirely certain about any other bonuses it should confer, if any, but the Balthazar faction one seems both obvious and needed.