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So as we know Factions elite areas are 12 player elite missions, with loads of monsters and environmental effects to make us players think, which is good. The large party size allows us to make builds not so limited by the traditional 8 member limit. It allows for really epic boss-fights, and is generally more tolerant to one party member dying, as it won't break the party's back unlike in 8-man areas where you had one monk down and the party was essentially wiped.

Also to sinergize with Gates Assassin's mission criticism: 12 man areas allow for much better splitting of the party than 8 man areas (like 2x6 or 3x4, even 4x3). So more minor objectives (such as disabling a catapult, capturing a mob-spawner/reinforcement point (like torment rifts in NF), assassinating key opponents while they aren't with a big mob escort, handling a catapult/ballista/other kinds of defensive emplacements, which prevent the mission from being stale and reduced to mob-after-mob fights.

So the idea is: At least make a 12-man elite mission, which can be repeated whenever players want to, which includes big mobs, environmental effects, and a huge boss-fight for epicness and the obligatory reward chest.