Feedback:User/Cosmitz/Read the Wind (PvP) overnerf

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I recognize that the skill has gotten a very blunt nerf in PvP due to the Rspikes. The nerf was heavy-handed, and penalized other builds that used it. Two suggestions to fix it might be these:

5 Energy1 Activation time12 Recharge time

Preparation. For 16 seconds your arrows move twice as fast. Every time you hit an enemy with an unbonused or penalized bow attack skill you strike for +2...10...12 damage.

The next suggestion is an enhancement on the 'nerfed' version to prove more useful in a PvP context.

10 Energy1 Activation time10 Recharge time

Preparation. For the next 30 seconds, your next 0...2...3 bow attack's arrows will move thrice as fast.
  • Thrice as in three time as fast.
  • This will set it apart as being a great addition to interrupters and Broad Head Arrow builds, while not allowing it to be easily spammed due to energy management and recharge constraints.
  • It will focus the user on tactically applying it to the skills he wishes.
  • Note that a normal attack still counts and will get bonused, but ofcourse, will waste a 'charge'.
  • The time limit is there so it prevents pre-casting. Similar to Dodge This!.