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Sorry if something like this has been suggested, I looked through them all as best I could.

I suggest making the Underworld quest similar to the Mallyx the Unyielding quest. Once you've completed a quest it remains completed until you defeat Dhuum. This would shorten the length of completion time allowing it to be done in small chunks. People would be able to complete Underworld that don't have 4 or so hours to commit to finishing.

This would also be a way so that the Underworld itself would not have to be changed. It would also not effect speed clears and full runs. It would make it so disconnects and bad luck wouldn't make it a complete failure. People with this thing called a life could complete it without effecting everyone else.

You would also be able to prepare builds specific for certain parts. Example would be do one trip doing the Four Horsemen and Imprisoned Spirits. Once done then could continue on or come back later for the rest.

I do believe this with a few tweaks to some of the harder quests would make Underworld more accessible to everyone. As it stands now you either have do speed clears or hope you can get enough people together. Even then you have to hope that everyone is up the to the task. (Looking at you Four Horsemen)

Note: I realize you would have to complete Clearing the Chamber each time but that's a walk in the park.

Thank you for your time.