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Winds of Change presents a rather formidible set of opponents to players (to put it mildly). Some players (myself included) have found it impossible to complete. (Personally, I'm up to the lagoon stuff, and I've found the spawns are grossly overpowered for my limited skills.)

However, when I attempted to get rid of Winds of Change, I found it is impossible to do so. Worse than that, I can no longer map or vanquish the original areas, so the Canthan cartographer and Canthan Vanquisher titles are now out of reach for me (along with the corresponding Legendary titles).

There needs to be a way to abandon Winds of Change. Alternately, if there were a way to turn off WoC "temporarily", that would suffice.

Additionally, according to some comments made by ANet staff, the new spawns are permanent, not temporary as they were for WiK. So, my inability to get those titles can't be fixed even if I were to hire someone to finish the quests for me!

My character that attempted this is now, as far as I can tell, permanently ruined because he made the ill-fated decision to try the new content out. This has GOT to change. It is completely unacceptable to fool players into taking a set of quests only to tell them later that their characters are now permanently changed, and can never be corrected.

When you guys put out War in Kryta, I didn't like it, because it was too hard. But, I found out that if you finished the quests, everything would revert back to normal (except for the new explorable area, Lion's Arch Keep and some new NPCs. With Winds of Change, I was rudely shocked when I discovered that there was no intention to ever revert back to normal Factions. So, I can't even solve the problem by getting help to make it through.

This makes no sense. When I tried out Sorrow's Furnace, if I found it too difficult, I could simply avoid the area. When I went to the Underworld, if I found it too hard (I did), I could simply not go back. Same with FoW and all of the other "elite" areas. But, with Winds of Change, I can't "not go back", because it changes everything (in the 12 affected zones). And Winds of Change is not even marked "elite", even though it is clearly the hardest set of quests in the game.

Please fix this. I'm willing to give up all of those commendations we got until stuck, or whatever is needed. But, please don't leave my character permanently ruined!

Note to other posters: Any suggestion that "Hey, I succeeded, why can't you?" will be immediately rejected and ignored. Such arguments are logically invalid, since I'm asking this for my NON-ELITE player skills and characters. If such suggestions are repeated (even by other posters), they will be purged. Daddicus 20:07, 4 August 2011 (UTC)