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Because system that allows players to report offensive statements is one big fail, new admin rank will be very useful in my opinion. And before main idea: Why reporting system fail?

  • When somebody report player publishing offensive statements using /report command in game, he can only specify one of auto-reasons such as spamming, verbal abouse... But there's no way to explain what he did wrong and gamemasters dont have time to browse tons of logs to find some offensive statements or spams.
  • Reporting via NCSoft Support Website is crap too. Gamemasters allways respond me fast after I create ticket, their say "your report is under investigation", but sometimes I need to wait 72 hours or more to get response about my report status. Its because I report verbal-abousers at polish districts. GM cannot understand speech written in polish so it takes long to translate screens attached to report and investigate violation of rules.

Because of enlarging community of verbal abousers and spammers in non-english language, there's need for speed reaction. My suggestion is to create new administrators rank "Volunteer Gamemasters" - admins picked up from peacekeeping players who

  • Never was banned in future for anything.
  • Take good opinion of players and stuff members.
  • Are expirienced in game [completed elite missions, a bit of hard mode achievements].
  • Know game rules well and succesfully reported players in past without bigger false-reports.
  • Spent above 24 months (or 36) on all characters.
  • Know english in intermediate or native level and any other language in intermediate or native level [mainly need to deal with non-english reports].

That rank should have 2 key features:

  • Ability to write in a bit other color in local chat (or other thing that identify them).
  • Ability to bannish player for one, three or seven days with detailed reason (with screenshoot of rulebreaking or something).

Also be able to ask higher-level gamemasters to extend bans inflicted by volunteers to 30 days or changing type to forever if somebody is botting or breaking other important rules.

To avoid "free bans" players should be able to ask ArenaNet/NC Soft Gamemasters to decide about ban's fairness, also Volunteer Gamemasters who gave 3 bans that higher Gamemasters recognized as unfair should be dismissed and their accounts should got banned. VGM should have protection that requires to wait 10 minutes between two bans (possibly decreased time for senior volunteers) and special password that he need to enter in order to access his powers during game session.

Volunteer Gamemasters would work for free and won't be official part of ArenaNet or NCSoft like in other MMORPG games.

User Demonical Monk av.png Demonical Monk 00:00, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

According to idea posted by IP in discussion page: If ArenaNet cannot trust players that much, there can be only Diplomats concentrated on reporting rule violations and providing help about rules. They would be picked up from players using above criteria, just with ability to write in color at local chat (so people will know he is respected by AN). Their reports should be processed with priority and gamemasters should trust them in their report translations (just without need to translate screens in foreign language to times: first time by reporter, second by gamemaster, because it slows report investigation much).

User Demonical Monk av.png Demonical Monk 12:31, 5 July 2010 (UTC)

Also skill like Embrace the Pain.jpg No Peace, No Voice! would be useful for Volunteer Gamemasters or Diplomats. It will help much in making quiet verbal abousers and spammers. Diplomat should be able to inflict this skill using /.mute, but only one time per minute and dont have to abouse it. There should be command usage logs and Diplomat overusing it should get dismissed and banned.

And now, why idea about Diplomats/Volunteer Gamemasters would be useful. A while ago I saw dervish dancing under disco-ball (just /dancenew) in Kamadan Europe-Polish-1. He just danced when other man get close to him and joined his dance. Dervish's reaction:

Warning: Above text about example player conflict contain some bad language...
(Translated from Polish, names replaced with "Guy A" and "Guy B")
Guy A (Dervish dancing with /dancenew): FUCK OFF FROM MY DISCOBALL, GUY B!
Guy B (He joined that Dervish with dance): Haha, oversexed Guy A attacks again...
Guy B: You cannot control me. I will stand here and dance.
Guy B: Haha, you think about yourself?
Guy A: You bitch -.-

Thats the way conflicts are starting in foreign districts where people are too nervous or just want to make spam&flame because they think its funny/dont have anything other to do so want to fight monotony this way. -_- They flamed themselves for about 20 minutes probably scarying new players from poland who started playing GW: Nightfall right now and visited local district in first encountered big city to meet with people. Diplomat with mute function should work very well here. Just mute on "Guy A" when he is flaming "Guy B" and conflict is finished. If that wont help, just mute on "Guy B" too and in 5 seconds district will got back to friendly and safe place. That's the Gamemasters goal - to make every district friendly and safe place. But that is impossible if investigation of rule violations in foreign districts take 5 or more days sometimes, because report needs to get received by GM, then translated by ArenaNet/NCSoft personel from foreign language to English, after translation GM have to investigate rule violation and make sure that screen isnt fake by checking something in logs and finally ban specified players. Banning spammer after week from incident is pointless...

User Demonical Monk av.png Demonical Monk 16:35, 6 July 2010 (UTC)