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I would suggest the implementation of large scale tasks in Guild Wars 2, to which all players can contribute in some way. A first example would be the construction of a completely new town.

So imagine one day in a still uncivilized part of the world, some settlers appear and express their wish to build a new town just in this location. All players who come by can now help them in one way or the other:

  • Collecting/Crafting food for the settlers
  • Keeping monsters from attacking the workers
  • Protecting a supply caravan from bandits (event)
  • Donate gold or crafting materials
  • Collecting other needed materials from a dangerous spot somewhere near
  • Perhaps even actively working at the construction, so digging, carrying wood or stones etc.

In return for their help the players could get a variety of advantages, once they contributed sufficiently to the event:

  • Of course the usual Karma points, experience and loot from monsters
  • They could be allowed to influence the design of the town, for instance whether there will be a blacksmith or a skill trainer. Or they could decide, whether a town wall will be erected (increasing the "costs", but offering protection later). This could be implemented by letting the contributing players vote for one option or the other at different points in the construction process
  • Once the town is finished, there would be additional benefits:
    • All players now have access to the town and so to new events, merchants, skill trainers etc.
    • Players who participated in building the town could get lower prices at the vendors
    • A region with formerly few asura waypoints could be easier accessible

Of course the entire construction would (and should) be a huge event and should take quite some time, weeks or maybe months. But therefore you could watch an entire town grow, buildings taking shape and you are contributing to this. The amount of player participation would have a direct impact on the speed and quality of the building process. If left alone by the rest of the world, the town could develop to an unfriendly place with a shabby tavern and high crime rates, or the settlers could even pack their things and be gone. But with the help of many skilled hands, the town would thrive and offer rich possibilities, aside from a shelter in a possibly hostile enviroment.

As a second example, possibly revealing my choice of race in the upcoming game, I would propose the possibility to actually do research as an asura. It has already been mentioned that the asura home instance is actually a lab, so why not use it? So each asuran college could have its own research program, each requiring massive resources and participation, not only from asuran players. So for instance the College of Statics would try to invent force fields to strengthen the defense of Rata Sum, the College of Dynamics would reseach new fighting techniques and the College of Synergetics would try to improve the collaboration between different fighting styles.

But how should this be implemented, how can players contribute and what do they get for helping the annoying little geniuses? How to help:

  • Donating money and materials
  • Collecting rare artifacts from a monster-infested place
  • College of Dynamics/Synergetics: Fighting remote-controlled golems/other players in a controlled environment
  • For asuran players: doing some kind of "quest"-chain, contributing to the research process

What to get: Of course contributing to science is worth it all ^^. But as a result (or respectively some kind of byproduct) to the research process, players could unlock new skills or equipment:

  • College of Statics: The technology to improve the city defenses lead to advancements in the construction of magical armor, so players can buy a magic gem increasing the defense of their equipment.
  • College of Dynamics: The evaluation of the recorded fights has resulted in new and improved skills for the different professions, so every profession gets a new utility skill, which can only be aquired from the researchers in Rata Sum.
  • College of Synergetics: New cross-class interactions in fight have been developed. Once you attended a training course in Rata Sum, you can use them in the rest of the game.

All these advantages would be cheaper for players who participated in the research process, but however available to all players.

I am well aware of the fact that these events would take some work to implement and they are not repeatable. Of course there would be players who miss these and could not get this experience on the same server. But on the other hand, I personally would love to participate in something like this and it really is, what Guild Wars 2 stands for: You work together spontaneously with many other players and your actions have an impact on the world around you.