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Shadow/Celestial Armor[edit]

Armor of the Gods. Once all 20 elite armor types are unlocked on an account and displayed in the Hall of Monuments, a special merchant appears there that will craft the armor.

A player can choose to craft one set of this prestige armor. Once the armor is crafted for one character, no further sets can be made for that account. Cost is the standard 15k plus various crafting materials.

When purchased the armor appears to be nothing more than dull plates, straps or cloths (depending on class) and will remain so until it is either consecrated or cursed; the player selects which variant below when making the choice.

Celestial variant[edit]

Consecrated by Glint upon completion of a Master level solo quest. Shines with rainbow hues as player moves and occasionally gives off animated light.


Shadow variant[edit]

Cursed by Palowo Joko upon completion of a Master level solo quest. Wispy black flames occasionally envelop the armor, giving it an animated, shadowy appearance.

Maddened Strike

Other variants possible[edit]

Demon, Torment, Menzies, etc.