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Warrior's Cunning 10 Energy0 Activation time25 Recharge time Skill. For 1...12...15 seconds, you gain +2 to your Warrior Attributes.

With the exception of Glyph of Elemental Power, the other attribute-boosting skills are maintainable or close to it, barring enchantment removal, and the glyph has a spell limit. As a skill, The above Warrior's Endurance is not strippable or interruptible, so it is also only usable for approximately half the time.

The 10 energy cost, while not crippling over 25 seconds between uses, is a solid commitment of energy on a warrior's limited energy pool and regen. Higher feels like it would be excessive, while lower feels too cheap.

With the change to Asuran Scan, the current version of Warrior's Cunning is, while accessible outside EoTN, a weaker version, I feel. This also opens up two other options. The first, to go for absolute maximum attribute for spiking, and the second allows for lower attributes and thus a wider distribution for utility needs. Though I do admit few will probably plan for the latter.