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Just a small suggestion, but one that would clear up a long-standing annoyance. NPCs in a number of missions can get stuck on chests that spawn on their route. If the mission progress depends on the NPC, this can render it impossible to complete. I'm thinking of Vizunah Square in particular, where the henchman team is prone to getting stuck. (The mission can also freeze due to Mhenlo spending all his time healing minions, but that's another matter.)

The ideal solution to this problem would be to change the pathfinding routines so they can handle the presence of chests. I'm guessing that this would be a nontrivial undertaking, though. The alternative, which is much easier, is simply to remove chests from the affected missions, or even from all missions. I'm unaware of any chest runs that take place in missions, so there shouldn't be much pushback. It would also make Factions and Prophecies missions consistent with those in Nightfall and EotN, where chests don't spawn.