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A companion suggestion to this one.

I get the impression that many of the Prophecies missions were designed with multiple players in mind. This may be less relevant 6 years down the track, when many (if not most) players are using heroes/henchmen as a matter of course. The issue is that this results in many of the missions being tedious when you don't have multiple players, especially if you're going for the bonus.

These suggestions should speed things up, without affecting difficulty one whit.

D'Alessio Seaboard
Get rid of the offering to Melandru as a bundle that breaks when dropped. While not so bad for casters, having to carry a bundle renders physical players useless. Running across the map three times (once to clear the route, then backtracking to get the offering, then delivering it to the fountain) is just ridiculous. Instead, just require the player to visit the pickup point and the dropoff point. The bundle is problematic from a lore standpoint as well, since Dorian really should object to your carrying a heathen artifact around.
Divinity Coast
Give the chosen more health or more defensive skills, so they can stay alive until the player reaches them. At the moment, the only practical way of doing the bonus in HM is to exploit the shortcomings of AI by flagging your party to them. (The monsters only attack when a human player is within range, so flagging lets your heroes/henchies defend them while you run in -- ironically, that makes this bonus easier in HM with heroes than with other players.)
Sanctum Cay
Make the restless spirit walk faster, and not stop moving when the player drops the Scepter of Orr. It's a similar issue to Leah Stone in Abaddon's Gate; that one has been fixed, but this one hasn't.
Ice Caves of Sorrow
Having to run back and forth carrying explosives to free Rornak Stonesledge is tedious and contributes nothing to the mission's difficulty. This can be alleviated by placing another dwarven powder keg station inside the cave, close to where you need to blow the doors open. Alternatively, get rid of the two sets of doors that you need to destroy: having to fight mursaat and jade should be sufficient to keep un-infused players honest.