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Player built cities/towns/villages: Players should be able to be build homes, shops, walls and even a keep/castle type of building. The cost of buildings must be high so that it must require the cooperation of the players. Even several guilds may forge an alliance to be able to a city/town/village costs, which could be daily/weekly/monthly. The designs for buildings could come from a profession (say architect) and items that are needed to build from other professions.

Player built guild halls: Alternative to the idea above, players could only build a guild hall. building method and costs should be similar like above.

Conquerable Buildings/Cities: Make the cities/guild halls conquerable. Of course, this should not be easy. Occupying a city/guild hall can take a long fight but to be able to conquer completely, guilds must keep an occupied city in their hands for a period of time. It is also possible that the cities/guild halls are only conquerable on prime time (for example 19:00-23:00). And the conquered places should be easier to reconquest for the original builders of that city (maybe no/shorter occupation time requirement).

One Character Realm: Another idea is to have at least one realm/shard/server(/or whatever you call it), which has one character limit. So everyone on that server can make only one character on it (to make it clear: they may have more characters on other servers). This would have unimaginable effects on the dynamics of the server's economy, demographical structure etc.