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I think I speak for alot of people when i say that the Bonus Mission Pack (released November 29th 2007) was the best thing i ever bought from the NCstore. The only downside was, the missions were kind of short.

Regardless id waste no thought to buy another one of these packs, so my suggestion pretty much is a new Bonus Mission Pack to be bought in the store.


Mission Idea's[edit]

Alright so obviously i cant just suggest that ANET make a BMP(bonus mission pack) so here are a few mission story idea's

The Fall of Shiro[edit]

When we see the cinematic of Guildwars Factions, we see Shiro being defeated. So what about a mission in the harvest temple where we play as Archemorus and/or Saint Viktor. Using either one as the PC and another as a henchman or open up the choice for another player to join in the mission.

EG: Much like how the first bonus missions required you to equip the items your given (or to unequip) it would be possible to choose which character you play as by choosing the equipment of choice.

Gameplay wise i have no idea what to make of this mission other than a large boss battle. the two players (or one player+npc) VS Shiro. And to make sure its not too much like the end mission of Factions there should probably be some special key features to the fight. Example letting him create doubles of himself that vanish when you hit him. Maybe some environmental hazards that require to be dodged.

Rewards shouldn't change that much, giving us either new weapon models, or use existing Jade/Amber weapons models. Maybe Costume pieces? (Turtle Clan Outfit/Kurz Tuxedo)

Pilgramige of an Avatar[edit]

There isnt really a story behind the avatar elite skills. So maybe this could be a good chance to add something to that. Have the player traverse a challenge of the gods, switching between all 5 avatar's as he goes.

Gameplay wise i imagine this as an Solo mission with five waypoints to capture. forced into a avatar form whenever one waypoint has been cleared.

The first waypoint would have to be captured in order to receive the first avatar form, after which the player will go from waypoint to waypoint until (s)he reaches the final waypoint at which the player will be confronted with the final waves and will have to survive these waves to complete the mission.

Reward wise i imagine it would have to be new weapon models aswell. Preferably keeping the weapons type models linked to the gods to prevent 5 models for each type. Example, Sword/Axe/spear Of Balth, Bow/Staff of Lyssa, Scythe/dagger of Grenth, Scepter/focus of Dwana, Shield/Hammer of Melandru.

Norn's Pride[edit]

Norn being hunters and all, i thought id add a mission that about stealth, much like how the Gwen story ended. A young Norn Hunter stalking its prey, thats basically the story lol.

Gameplay wise i imagine it to be mostly about dodging mobs in the northern shiverpeaks, while still using speed buffs to catch unto the prey. Further expanding the Stealth mode from Gwens story by adding certain skills and events that help you sneak past hostile mobs.

Mob Conflict: Two mobs fighting against each other, leaving the player with limited time to sneak past before they start patrolling again.

Environment Hazards: Player using shouts near avalanche warnings to have the enemies decimated by snow. More to come as i think of more. Or as the suggestion help comes in.

Alternatively as suggested by Copper Legray.

A story about Jora during her time hunting her brother. The player would be required to find certain tracks in the enviroment only to end up at the Asura gate, tying the bonus mission up to the beginning of EotN. A few ideas as to what the tracks would look like.

Footprints in the snow. Small paths of footprints to confirm the player is heading into the right direction. Dead Norn Commoners. As in the beginning of EotN when the nornbear spawned near the corpses. Roar and earthquake. The more time expires the harder it will be to track the nornbear, avalances covering footprints and bodies.

Reward wise same as above. either old or new weapon models nothing too fancy. Or a costume (fancy~).


Id also like to see what exactly Lord Jadoth went through when he was chased by the forgotten.

Gameplay wise i have no idea other than being chased by forgotten i suppose.

Rewards. i had a suggestion about this earlier last year, concerning Margonite Mask and Wings. These could be costumes.

Please help create this into a proper idea[edit]

SUGGESTIONS ARE WELCOME. It's still a rough idea but i really hope that with help from other people we can motivate ANet in giving us another bonus pack :)