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User Knighthonor Shadow Knight.jpg

(ROLE) Tank/ Melee Magic Damage/ Debuffer

(ARMOR) Plate (Soldier)

(WEAPONS) Sword (main hand/offhand), GreatSword, Axe(mainhand/offhand), Polearms(new two handed land weapon, Lances (New one handed land weapon for main hand), Shield (off hand), Great Axe (new weapon for 2hander land), Mace (main hand/offhand)

The anti-Guardian is a sinister warrior who is everything the Guardian is not. Thoroughly wicked and immoral, he has turned to foul magics and dark treachery to advance his own ends. As unholy blackguards, Shadow Knights combine the prowess of a Knight, and the baleful magic of the dark arts of a Lich, to control Armies of Undead. Hidden away from the people, the Shadow Knights worship the dark spirits of the underworld in the Cult known as the Blades of Grenth.


Terror System

Uses the Fury System similar to my Paladin Idea, called Terror But unlike The Paladin's Holy-Fury , the Shadow Knight's Terror deplete over time, and doesnt auto regen like the other Fury Classes.

Terror, regens by both doing Damage, and Taking Damage and causing terror to your enemies.

(Unlocked Class Title) Unholy Avenger, Dark Crusader

(Class Quest Reward) a fearsome blade to help smite their enemies

(COMPANION) Lich, Shadow Fiend, Hellhound, Skeleton Knight, Wraith, or Zombie Brute


Lich wont be moveable similar to the Current Ritualist's spirits. Only Range Nuke Support Companion.

Aggressive binding spirit.jpg

Shadow Fiend

Shadow Fiend is a basic Melee Companion for the Shadow Knight. Low armor but fast Attacks since it Dual Wields.

User Knighthonor Shadow Fiend.jpg


Hellhound is a companion useful at tracking down stealthed enemies.

Skeleton hound.jpg

Skeleton Knight

Skeleton Knights are more armored then the Shadow Fiend, but deal less damage. they fight with Shield and 1hander melee weapon.

Skeleton ranger.jpg


Wrath are a stealthed Companion. Melee Fighter with passive avoidance to melee attacks used against it.


Zombie Brute

Zombie Brutes could be the Heavy Melee weapon wielding Companion or something. More Armored then Shadow Fiend, but Slower attacks which hit harder.

Zombie warrior.jpg

MAIN STATS Suggestions:[edit]





Spell Suggestion:[edit]

Chains of Death: Root target in a chain of Death, preventing movement of speed by 100%, and slowly regain movement over 5 seconds. While Target is effected by Chains of Death, (x) HP is trasfered from the victim to the caster every second.

Shadow Strike: 2second Cast Shadow Knight channels the Dark Souls of the Dead into their Blades, causing Weapon Damage plus (X) as Shadow Damage, and reducing Energy and Moral of all near by Enemies by 10%, stacking 3 times. Shadow Strike has a 45% Armor Pen bonus

Locate Corpse: Track and Locate Corpse on radar.

Disease Cloud: Sacrifice 10% of your Health to create a Aura around you. Decrease Max HP of nearby Enemies by (X) per second. Effect last (y) seconds.100% of your health sacrificed will heal Allies in range once Aura is Cancled.

Leering Corpse: Appon Death, Rez and near by Dead Ally back to life as a Undead Skeleton Minion, fully under the players own control. (Total HP and Stats of this Minion depedent on the Shadow Knight's points in this spell) Minions last 20 seconds. (Minions have preset spells). Once Skeleton dies, nearby Enemies get a Boost in Energy and Moral, but take (X) damage per second for 10 seconds.

Numb the Dead: Stun Target's mind. Preventing target from using Spells. Melee Attacks of target effected by Numb the Dead, has a (x)% chance of damaging near by Allies of the effected target.

Scream of Pain: Shadow Knight lets out a Mentally Corrupted Scream, causing 3 nearby Enemies to see their HP Bar statues randomly increase and decrease, giving off fause infomation. Last (X) seconds. 12seconds Max.

Terror of Darkness: Increase Hatred. PvP: Targets have all Secondary Mechanics reduced by (X)% for 5 seconds, if they ignore the Shadow Knight.

Shroud of Hate: Shroud your Shield with the Shadow of Hatred, Increasing Hatred genrated until canceled.

Shadow Sight: Can now spot Stealthed Enemies. Points increase effectiveness of Shadow Sight.

Invoke Fear: Cause target to run in fear for (X) seconds. 8max

Dooming Darkness: Corrupts the ground targeted by the Shadow Knight, causing (X) Shadow damage every sec that targets remain in the area for 10 sec and Slowing movement by (Y)%. This ability produces a high amount of Hate.

Breath of the Dead: Water Breathing for (X) Min

Siphon Life: Channeled Spell Transfers (X) health every 1 sec from the target to the caster. Lasts 5 sec.

Haunt: 1.5 sec cast 8 sec cooldown You send a ghostly soul into the target, dealing (X) Shadow damage and increasing all damage done by your Shadow damage effects on the target by 20% for 12 sec. When the Haunt spell ends or is dispelled, the soul returns to you, healing you for 100% of the damage it did to the target.

Fearless Discipline: Increase resistance to Fear Spells. more Effective per point in spell.

Cackling Bones: Weaken Target for (X) seconds.

Voice of Death: Target becomes weaken, and increases Shadow Knight's strenght by (X), for 10 seconds. no effect unless target is below 20% HP. 50% chance to affect 1 of your ally within range whom are below 35% HP

Black Shroud: Shroud your Shield with the evils of Death Magic, and bashing your enemy, dealing Shadow damage equal to your Defense.

Howl of Death: The Shadow Knight shouts, causing up to (X) enemies(5max) within range to cower in fear. The targeted enemy will be unable to move while cowering. Lasts 8 sec. Quote:

Theft of Hate: Mentally enter the enemies head Transfering 50% of targeted ally's Hatred to the Shadow Knight.

Drink of Decomposition: Drink the Blood of the Dead, restoring 35% of your Max HP. Only useable out of combat. Requires Corpes.This spell doesnt take up Action Slot

Dark Bargain: Sacrifices an undead minion, healing the Shadow Knight for (X)% of your maximum health. 40% MAX 2min cool down.

Drape of Shadow: The Shadow Knight puts on the Drape of the Unholy Crusader, increasing Stamina by (X)%(6Max), armor contribution from gear items by (Y)%(60Max), and reducing damage taken by (Z)%(8Max). Increases Hatred generated. Main Stat


Ghost Rider

Banished Dream Rider.jpg

Bone Dragon

Bone Dragons can not fly by the way.

Bone Dragon.jpg


Shadow Knights ARE NOT simply a Warrior/Necromancer.

I know many people here seem to think that Dual Class system can make any class, but that’s just a gimmick. Because using that same logic, we all could say, a Necromancer is not a needed class, because a Ritualist/ Mesmer is basically the same idea.

But I am sure Many would disagree on that, because THEY DON’T FIGHT THE SAME!! Even though they both share the same concept, does not in any way make them the same. It is nothing more than a Silly Illogical Argument, that I would like to see gone.

Again another example:

Some people would say a Ritualist is nothing more than a Necromancer/Monk, which is isn’t as we can see already.

So please, do not make silly arguments like that in the feedback. I gave my Class idea its own Combat system Mechanics, and Role Playing Spells and abilities. So again I will repeat.

Shadow Knight is NOT a Warrior/Necromancer!

I enjoy playing Crusader Knight Classes, and would really enjoy Guild Wars 2 if it has both Holy Crusader Knights and Unholy Crusader Knight Classes. --Knighthonor 05:57, 8 March 2010 (UTC)