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Warlock Class[edit]

"Grenth" concept art.jpg


Ranged Caster Damage Dealer/ Healer support/ Pet Class




Staff, Dagger, Sword, Focus, Scepter, Torch


(Curses//Soul Reaping//Spawning//Wrath)


Deals with Debuffing enemies with nasty hexs and conditions.

Soul Reaping[edit]

Deals with the mastery of the life and death. Grants additional healing and support options.


Deals with the Summoning of creatures from the Mist and beyond.


Deals with the Destructive Power, that destroyed all who stand in the warlock's way.


Dark Gems[edit]

Dark Gems is a UI system for Warlocks thats unique to the class. Each Summon Creature, has its own Dark Gem associated with it. These Gems are used to Summon Creatures on the Action Bar UI. The Weapon Skills for the Warlock change depending on which Creature is in use. Only 1 creature can be summoned onto the field per Warlock. By Clicking on the Dark Gem of the creature you want to summon, your Warlock will begin to summon the Monster onto the Field.


Warlock Summons multiple Pet options. But only one Gem Monster can be on the field at a time. Also would like to mention that the Pets are Balanced to fit the game. So dont judge the pet's power based off the look or other stuff.

Warlock UI[edit]

User Knighthonor Warlock Class UI.jpg

  • Weapon Skills == 1 through 5
  • Elite == 6
  • Heal == 7
  • Free Choice == 8 through 10
  • Dark Gem == S1 through S5/(or more)

Pet Bar Control[edit]

Similar to Ranger Pet Control mechanics.

Summon Creatures[edit]

Skeletal Sorcerer[edit]

Skeleton monk.jpg

Hell Hound[edit]

Great at detecting Stealthed enemies in the area

Undead Brute[edit]

Zombie warrior.jpg


can posses creatures, and shield itself against magical damage


Awakened warrior.jpg

Ancient Effigy[edit]

Carven Effigy.jpg

Lich Lord[edit]

Undead Lich.jpg


"Margonite Paragon" concept art.jpg


Scythe of Chaos (mesmer).jpg





Flesh Golem[edit]

Flesh Golem.jpg


Can Stealth and be fully controlled with the use of a channel spell. It has a explode spell that allow it to sacrifice itself to damage nearby enemies.

Bone Dragon[edit]

Bone Dragon functions as a siege mount mechanics similar to other siege and Environmental Weapons. Bone Dragon has a short Duration.

Spell List[edit]

Souls of the Fallen used on a Soldier character
  • Souls of the Fallen -

Rez ally into a Spirit of the fallen Dead. Allowing the Target to fight on as a spirit after death. Spirit does half damage, and health degrades over time. Spirit of the Fallen cant be healed.