Feedback:User/Manifold/Faster activation of PvE nature rituals

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Nature rituals have long activation times, three or five seconds. In line with the binding rituals activation reduction, nature rituals should take less time to activate. PvE groups move from group to group quickly and people are unlikely to wait until you have activated your spirit before engaging an enemy. This is on top of the sometimes drastic effects that should only be used after making sure it's ok with your party, and long recharge times.

PvE enemies also have poor AI when it comes to nature rituals, and lowering their activation time can somewhat work around this. When a nature ritual is destroyed or lapses, all enemies with the skill will attempt to summon a new one as soon as they can, even at the same time as their allies. Having one to three enemy Rangers stop what they are doing for five seconds to create a spirit that will likely have little effect on the battle is very disadvantageous.

The activation time doesn't need to be as low as binding rituals. Reducing these activation times by one to three seconds should make them still interruptable but more usable for combat.