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Currently, this skill is very weak compared to a large number of ranger elites. It simply has no use as there are already easier ways to gain energy without sacrificing the elite slot. I believe it should be downgraded to a non-elite skill and given a different functionality altogether that could be useful for numerous professions if they are willing to spec into Wilderness Survival for it.

Wilderness Survival

10 Energy0 Activation time20 Recharge time

  • Stance. For 3...13...15 seconds, your successful interrupts also steal 0...2...2 energy and remove 0...1...1 enchantment.

This could prove useful for rangers in shutting down spellcasters and for mesmers in PvE where it would synergise very well with Panic or Cry of Frustration among other skills. This would require to spec into Wilderness Survival, which is rare in spellcasters and usually is not very high in rangers but could definitely draw more attention to the otherwise fairly underused attribute.