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Mad King Thorn really needs some type of area/prison. We hear all about such a place, but never have seen it. I think it would be interesting and fun to see what the Mad King's prison would look like. Would it be like Abaddon's, where Abaddon shaped it to his desires? Or would it be set up for the Mad King? (I personally would rather have it set up by the Mad King, just to reflect how really mad/insane the Mad King is!) It would just help support the pre-existing lore on the Mad King. This (what I'm about to suggest) may have been brought up before, but it could even be within Lyssa's realm, to add in another God's realm (we have Grenth's, Abaddon's/Kormir's, and Balthazar's. Why not Lyssa's also.). I do know that resources (for Anet) are stretched thin, so, to create resources, this maybe could be a payed/must-be-bought (not sure how to word it...) expansion/add in.