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I know I'm asking alot, but, can guild capes/emblems be customizable in Guild Wars Two? Especially the emblems. Instead of having 10-15 symbols that 100-120 guilds use, why not have each guild create their own emblem and than design their cape? The cape could, and should, be customized with pre-made parts. It would just be up to the guild lord to decide what goes with what. On the other hand, a fully customizable (ok, customizable to an extent) emblem would be great.

  • Pros: People can express themselves, guilds won't be using the same 15 symbols.
  • Cons: This will be hard (I think) to implement, people will be immature enough to use this for obscene images and foul language.

Now, even though the con list is, characterwise, longer than the pro list, I think the pros far outweigh the cons.

EDIT:You could add pre-made symbols, and than make it a gold sink to be able to customize it.....