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Make Tormented Shields Dyeable![edit]

When Tormented Shields first came out, they were very expensive, prestigious, and highly sought. Nowadays, they are common, and many people have multiple. They are not unique in any way. I have ALWAYS wanted to be able to dye my shield (My armor is actually purple, because I want it to match my shield, but it would be nice to change colors), I have seen people use TexMod to do it, so why can't it be officially supported? Maybe I'm talking from a 3d-graphics/textures-ignorant mindset, but Chaos Gloves glow too (even though not quite the same way), and they can be dyed! The Tormented Shield has a lot of available space for the dye to be seen, and appreciated :). I also think everyone would welcome this new ability :D.

How It Looks:[edit]

User Adrin newapple1.jpg