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The lack of synergy between the dervish and the scythe is perhaps the single greatest reason why we see A/Ds and W/Ds using the scythe better than the dervish. The easiest way to reverse this trend without increasing power creep is to link AoHM's duration to the mysticism attribute, thereby making it a primary-dervish only skill in the same vein as Critical Agility and Seed of Life.

Aura of Holy Might Aura of Holy Might, Energy 10 Activation time0.75¾ Recharge time25
Enchantment Spell For 6 seconds plus 2 for each rank of mysticism, you deal +20...30...32% damage with your scythe. Initial effect: nearby foes take 40...48...50 holy damage. End effect: all nearby foes take 40...48...50 holy damage.

A further change not reflected in the description would be a removal of the holy damage conversion. While effective against undead, in most parts of the game physical damage is preferred due to it's synergy with Orders, Mark of Pain, and other such skills. AoHM's power is key to most scythe builds, and it's damage conversion serves as an anti-synergy that keeps scythe users out of many organized parties as a result.

These changes would single-handedly make the dervish a better user of the scythe than the warrior (and make them at least competitive with assassins). At the same time, it would also give dervishes a real reason to invest in their primary attribute.