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The scythe is tied with hammers for the title of slowest melee weapon in the game. As a result, a maintainable 33% IAS is almost a requirement to use it effectively. The fact that the dervish lacks one is one of several reasons why the class is rendered obsolete in PvE when compared to superior scythe users like the warrior and assassin.

Every 33% IAS is balanced by a drawback. Critical Agility requires the use of a PvE-only slot. Flail confers a movement penalty (which almost never matters in PvE, but that's another topic entirely). Frenzy causes the user to take double damage.

However, Heart of Fury suffers from not one, but multiple downsides. It costs 10 energy (a huge burden for a class with very little energy management), it can be kept up for only 2/3 of the time, and it requires you to sink almost half of your attribute points into an attribute that (let's be honest here) has almost no skills worth using.

Heart of Fury Heart of Fury, Energy 10 Activation time0.75¾ Recharge time20
Enchantment Spell For 5...17...20 seconds, you attack 33% faster. When this enchantment ends, all nearby foes are set on fire for 1...3...3 seconds.

The first and third problems would still exist, but at least this would give dervishes an IAS on par with those of warriors and assassins.