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I think it would be nice if we had a Party Search that other Guild and/or Alliance members could see. Though, don't spam guild/alliance chats with these messages, just post them in a window.

It can be argued that players can find groups wherever they go as they do now. However, I believe that many players would like to join their guildies without having to go through every outpost and check for people with a golden guild tag or spam the chat looking for someone who shares a common goal.

Most guild wars players have many characters, each with different current goals(i.e. different missions, farming locations, PvP arenas, etc.). If people posted their current status in a guild/alliance-wide party search, you could easily find people with whom you share a common goal on a certain character. I didn't like the way I worded that point so let me give an example to be a bit more clear:

  • I'm on character "teh elementalist" working on vanquishing in the Ascalon area.
  • I ask people in the towns to join. No one else seems to be vanquishing. It looks like I'll have to h/h again >.<
  • I check the new Guild/Alliance Party Search and notice that one of the players is looking for more people to complete the Hell's Precipice mission.
  • Since my Ritualist happens to also need that mission I switch to him and make friends with a guild/alliance member I didn't know so well before.
  • ???
  • Profit!

So, at the risk of being redundant, again, like so many times before, I needed to complete the Hell's Precipice mission but wasn't actively seeking to do it at that moment. Playing a second-choice mission with friends is way better than picking your first-choice alone.

On a final note: Ideally, Guilds should already do this but it would spam the chat so much for every member to post what they were doing that this is currently impractical.

On an even finaler note: Please discuss.