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If we are only going to be able to have one companion on our team at a time, I just think that if we're only going to be able to have one companion, we should be able to customize their appearance the way we customize our own characters. I've heard that Anet said that they are going to make companions location-based. That would mean that your companion changes when you travel to different regions. I have been unable to confirm this myself, but if it is true then I think we can all agree, Anet can do better. This does not even solve the problem of Companions and Henchies in the Continuous World!

I think it would be better for us to be able to create ourselves a companion to go with each character. We could then decide on a race and class which would complement the abilities of our character. They would be just as customizable as our characters and we could equip them with whatever armors and weapons we chose. In order to supply us with enough money to equip two characters, companions would need not to decrease the drop rate, though. It might also be a good idea to allow players to create a reserve of companion characters parallel to their player characters. A certain number of companions would be available to each account and all companions on the account would be available to each player character. This would make the system a bit more flexible.