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I'm not exactly sure what the inner workings of the dye system makes it so bad, but it doesn't work as I believe it should. The main issues with the system that I notice are these:

  • Red, Orange, and Yellow dyes do not seem to mix very well with other dyes, becoming extremely faded out when being combined with any other dyes. This is also noticeable when you try to put two of any of those colors in the Dye Preview. This may have to do with the bug that adds the base color of the armor to the mix when using multiple dyes.
  • Using combinations of dyes that contain only one color are not acceptable, even though the preview window can show the result to be different than that of one dye, or perhaps even an acceptable combination of dyes.
  • Dye combinations can have extreme differences between armor types. Two different armors previewed with the same dye combo can sometimes look radically different.

These are all flaws that I would like looked at. I like to mix colors and come up with combos that I don't see very often, and keep a different mix on all of my armors. It gets hard to do when three of the eleven dye don't have a very good way to mix, and different armors with different results make it hard to find the right combo to get everything dyed to match.