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I remember playing Nexus: The Kingdom of the Winds, and I was specially satisfied by one of their pvp systems, the Sire Pit. The Sire Pit is half a chatroom, half an all-on-all pvp room. One thing that would definitely ruin the balance in Sire Pit, is the team-play in the Sire Pit in Nexus. You can play alone, or you can play in teams, it's totally up to you, so it's very important, that the teams in GW2 Sire Pit will be max 2 players, orelse noone will feel welcome in the Sire Pit. The idea I have of Sire Pit, is a place for friends to test their skills against each other, competing to see who is the best, so their should not be any reward for killing in the Sire Pit, and if, just minor experience and maybe some karma.

Teams and Private Battles[edit]

To make it more balanced, I think that players shouldn't be able to attack other players, already fightning, unless invited to join a team of fightning players, so the battle slowly grows, and might end up being an epic battle of the whole Sire Pit, or just stays a small battle between friends, if noone was invited to join the fight. Players and teams will be able to randomly attack other players and teams but there can only be 1 player in difference from the teams. For example:

  • Team 1 (teams can only consist of 2 players before combat) attacks Player 1. Team 1 is now not able to invite any players, as there is already 1 player in difference.
  • Player 1 invites Player 2 and Player 3 to join his team, and it is now Team 1 (consisting of 2 players) against Team 2 (consisting of 3 players). Team 2 cannot invite players, as they are 1 player more than Team 1, but Team 1 can invite 2 players.
  • Team 1 invites Player 4, and Team 1 and Team 2 are now even. Both teams can invite 1 player.

Safe Zones[edit]

I think it would be good with a safe zone, where people can watch other player fight, and maybe learn a few tricks, a little like the Observe Panel in GW2.