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More bells and whistles, of course. XDD I thought it'd be fun to have an Asura NPC who says something like "Those tonics don't appear out of thin air, bookah! It takes skill to create a potion purely for your entertainment." And then she goes on to explain that during the course of creating tonics that some end up getting mixed up from either sleep deprivation, stupid novices, or both and that they're available in exchange for some kind of quest or for just another gold sink.

The potions would include really weird mixups like a Mursaat-bunny or a Black Charr of AAAAaaaaugh!! Truly messed up things like that. It's probably more trouble than it's worth to do this, but I got a kick out of the idea enough that I thought I'd mention it. 8B Ha ha, maybe a result of drinking said tonics would give you some horrible side effects.

"Profiting from these sure beats dumping them in the river like we usually do!"