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It would be nice if we could select a default login option(Away, On-line, etc.) The login option now has to be constantly attended as one plays -- for instance, when one changes characters. This can be very annoying!

I would also like to suggest a log-in option of "Stealth".

The April 28th 2011 update automatically disclosed the locations where mutual friends were playing. "Stealth" would return a player to the Pre-April 28th 2011 update experience.

Or, better yet, return everyone to the Pre-April experience as a default and give a log-in option to players who wish mutual friends to know where they are playing. It seems better to protect privacy as a default and let people elect to disclose than the other way around.

Just as there are times when a player doesn't want to receive whispers and chats, there are also times when a player does not want to disclose their location, but may still wish to chat. Some very private people never want information about themselves to be available to others.

A few months after the April 28th 2011 update, I noticed a number of our steady, loyal guild members had quit playing. I talked to them and learned what the problem was. They still like playing Guild Wars, but they did not like having others know where they were playing. They enjoy chatting, so they didn't want to delete their friends list. They tried to address this with login option, but found it too annoying and so they just quit playing.

The April 28th 2011 update meant these private players had to choose between unfriending everyone or feeling exposed. Since they were also chatting quite a bit while they played, this update changed the game too much for them and they left for games where they could be social, but still not have others know what they were doing.

I think the ability to choose a default login of non-disclosure would satisfy their needs and we could bring them back to the game. It would allow players to keep their friends lists without worrying about disclosing information about their play.