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Deep within the Depths of Tyria the Asura have found a chamber hidden behind Primordus. Inside are pillars of stone reaching to the roof. On each one are pictures of Heroes fighting Monsters that have never been seen before. The Asura, seeking more knowledge, decided to do tests on the pillars. Suddenly the pictures started moving and the pillars sparking with magic became beams of light. Light filled the chamber and each beam of light started spawning the beings that were in each picture. The Asura fled the chamber and sealed it preventing what was eascaping.

Akku, the leader of the krewe that found the chamber, arrived in Rata Sum bearing ill omen of what had occured in the chamber. Mamp instantly decided to find heroes of today to travel to the chamber and to clear it. He told Akku to find Heroes to go with him and his krewe and to find a way to utilise the beams whether to harness them for power or use them in some other way.

Kosu Chamber[edit]

Solo Mission


Completion of Hell's Precipice, Imperial Sanctum, Abaddon's Gate and A Time For Heroes


Travel into each beam to find the source of the monsters

Retrieve the creation crystal from each beam

Place all five crystals into the pedestal in the Main Chamber

Defeat Creeon

This mission would be used to activate the Mission Creator System. The players would be required to travel into the five pillars of light. Each pillar would spawn into a random mission location (Prophecies, Factions, Nightfall or Eye of the North) in each would be the monsters that would be found in the mission but with new skill bars. There would be a boss in that mission at the end who you have to fight a recieve a crystal from. Once you pick up the crystal you are transported back to the chamber and place it in the pedestal. Once you have retrieved all five crystals a boss spawns in the chamber called Creeon. The krewe will cast binding spells while you fight him. Once the Krewe has bound him you obtain and item called a Creative Essence. You then use this item to create your mission. To create more than one mission you would have to repeat the mission. Once you have created a mission it is available in the Kosu Chamber Outpost to play whenever you want. It is very similar to the City of Heroes/Villains Mission Architect System.

I know i would like to make a White Mantle mission where they assault Lion's Arch and you have to defend it. I would create a level 30 Justiciar and give him Hammer Mastery Skills and a few Monster Skills.

Obviously some players may exploit the system and makes missions full of monsters that drop ectos. But a way to get around it is to remove drops from the whole system and let the monsters drop completely random drops.

Read discuss improvements to it and let's see if we can get it.

Also Anet it is a reward for completeing all four campaigns so i don't think an extra charge is necessary if a player has bought all the games