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Since the Guild Wars Beyond storylines are really starting to pick up, I think it'd be neat if we could revisit the Charr race and watch the continued organization of the Legions against Flame. Obviously, the real war won't start for years to come, but there's a lot that could be shown. Perhaps the gamer could play as Pyre, similar to how we were allowed to play as Gwen and later Kerian, since from that point it would likely be Pyre seeing to Charr affairs and not humans. Perhaps we could get a glimpse of cub-Kalla? And if at all possible, it'd be really neat if the end reward for the series of quests in question would unlock a special new Charr hero. Kalla's mom or dad? Pyre's mate? Some other new character who gets introduced? Since you've stated you won't be adding any more weapons to the Hall of Monuments, I think an interesting Hero like that would provide players with more motivation then new weapon skins.